Alive With Flair

Eurocasa allows you the freedom to create a place of memories and stories that are as special and individual as you are.

Eurocasa Cape Town is partnered with Italian brands to supply European flair and unrivalled craftsmanship. Eurocasa will assist you with a wide variety of kitchens, wardrobes and living spaces.

An assortment of metal, marble, glass, veneer or lacquer finishes combined with various opening systems allow for a high level of personalisation to our models.

Our team of qualified architects, interior designers and installation technicians are at your disposal to create the interiors you’ve always dreamed of. We speak your language and encourage you to visit our Eurocasa showroom in Cape Town for design inspiration.



Living Spaces

Your Investment

Defining your investment is important as you need to consider factors such as the specific kitchen models as well as the different finishes, countertops, appliances and accessories within our collections. Eurocasa has a variety of kitchens to suit your desired style and investment plan.

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With close to 60 years of heritage, Eurocasa is the leader in imported high-end contemporary Italian kitchens and wardrobes, with a range that is unrivalled in architectural style and finishes. We offer you the scope to personalize your kitchen or wardrobe to meet your individual style.