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Which countertops should you be choosing?

Your kitchen countertops can make a massive difference to the final design of the space. With so much on offer, it can be difficult to decide which finish choice is best for you. Read to find our list of preferred countertop finishes

Your kitchen countertops can make a massive difference to your kitchen design. The final decision comes down to your aesthetic preferences and lifestyle. There are fantastic engineered options out there that are great for those that need a low-maintenance kitchen that is scratch and stain-resistant. Here are some of our top choices for countertop finishes.

Countertop Finishes to Choose From


Quartz is what is known as a compound stone – an example of this kind of material would be a Caesarstone or Vicostone material. Both are made up of a majority of quartz and are the perfect solution for high traffic areas. If your kitchen is a hive of activity for your family and friends, this may be a fantastic option for you.

Solid Surfacing

This finish option is made from a blend of acrylics, alumina trihydrates, epoxy, resins and pigments. Due to the technical and engineered composition of the material, it allows this surfacing choice to be thermoformed, which is when the material is heated up to a temperature that can be moulded and shaped. The fantastic benefit of this material is that it is non-porous and incredibly low-maintenance. So if you’re worried about water damage, bacteria or maintenance issues- then this may be the best option for you.


Natural stone for your countertop comes in the form of marble or granite. Our preferences lie in two fields: one being the imported Italian marble and the other being local stone options. We work closely with our Italian partner, Rossana, to pick the perfect stone finish for your kitchen. Yet in the local, South African, market you have amazing options for finishes that you can browse through. Our preference in the local market is to work with Rudi’s Choice – where you can browse through their library of stones to pick out the best one for your kitchen.

Sintered Stone

Our favourite sintered stone supplier to work with is Neolith. They create a functional yet elegant solution for kitchen countertops. Their durability and aesthetic details are fantastic if you are design savvy with a keen eye for detail. The surfacing is scratch and stain resistant which is perfect for a busy kitchen while also being unyielding to incredibly high temperatures, which allows us to integrate the gas hob into the kitchen counter.


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