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How to Design the Ultimate Entertainment Area

Our diverse offering allows us to create the ultimate entertainment areas that suit our client’s lifestyle. In the midst of summer, having a prime entertainment area is essential! Here are our top 3 tips when designing an entertainment area…

Over the years, home design has shifted to open floor plans – allowing for individual activities and social togetherness to coexist: family members can do their own activities, yet still communicate with one another. This is especially important if you are an entertainer as the kitchen, dining room, and living room blend together into one large social space!


How to design the ultimate entertainment area:

1. Design with Intent

In order to design the perfect entertainment area, it is important to determine what type of entertainment you will be doing. Is it big scale cocktail parties or intimate braais? Or both? By unpacking what your entertainment habits are, will essentially guide you in your decision making when building or renovating your home.

From there you can work out what you will need for the ideal set-up. It may be a bar area, a wine cellar, fire pits, double kitchen islands or large seating areas. The decided arrangement will then influence preparation areas, fridge requirements and the like to ensure glasses are topped up and tummies are full.


Design with Intent


2. Perfecting Indoor-Outdoor Living

This is a growing trend that we have seen in recent years. Being blessed with fantastic weather, and of course an enduring love of a good South African braai, a high-end, modern kitchen that flows from indoor to outdoor living remains a popular solution for homeowners. This gives the ease of entertaining while being able to prepare and serve food within a well-structured and free-flowing space.


Indoor to Outdoor


3. Flexibility and Functionality

Eurocasa kitchens are made for multifunctional living. Designed by Massimo Castagna, the K-IN is deceptively simple in form and the proportions are transformed once this kitchen is in use. The seamless central unit features hidden marble countertops that slide out in two directions on special runners, exaggerating the floating effect and bringing its complexity to function.

There are a variety of ways to be smart in your design choices, so place importance on scale (not size) but also the versatility of the space. If the space allows, designate separate areas for different activities – creating buffers and thresholds between spaces.



Design an entertainment space that suits you and your lifestyle. Eurocasa represents Italian brands who supply European flair and unrivalled craftsmanship to your home. We provide creative solutions for kitchens, bars and living spaces to assist in creating your ultimate entertainment area.

Eurocasa is proud to be part of  The Excellence Group who join like-minded brands in the industry to make it easier for clients to complete their home by working with one company. If you would like to find out more about how we at The Excellence Group can help you, give us a call on 021 035 1737 or send us an email at