Eurocasa has a unique and exclusive range of the finest materials and finishes including wood veneer, stones and metals, which all add to the allure of creating extraordinary kitchens. The research process behind our materials is constantly being enhanced to ensure that our special finishes are of great elegance and sophistication. Our kitchens strengths and essence lie in the creativity and development of the most innovative of materials.


All of Eurocasa’s marbles are imported natural stones which are sourced from all over the world. The marble finishes are available in matt, gloss and leather. Marble adds a unique character due to it’s natural nature, no two slabs are alike.


Metal is extraordinary – whether brushed or burnished, metal gives a warm and luxurious feel. During the configuration process, the metal is oxidated and then each piece is hand-worked with a sponge to create the brushed effect.

Wood Veneer

Our wood veneers are sourced from controlled forests and are naturally stained through a heat treatment process. The oils applied give the wood veneer a natural look without altering its chromatic shades whilst assuring water resistance.

Wood veneers are a spectacular natural material that all boast unique character.


Our range of glass units are available in transparent, bronze stopsol or smoked fume’ finishes, each of which add unique character and atmosphere.


This material is made with a skim-coat, reinforced plaster fibre. With it’s concrete aesthetic these finishes add a warm industrial feel to the touch.


A scratch resistant material with a wide variety of colour options available. Our Lacquers are available in either a satin matt or high gloss finish.


The FENIX NTM finish involves the use of nanotechnology. This material is formed under high pressure and heat to create this durable finish. A decorative top sheet is applied to ensure an extreme matt and anti-fingerprint surface that is soft to the touch.