Your Investment

Eurocasa has a variety of kitchens to suit your desired style and investment plan.

Defining your investment plan is important as you need to consider factors such as the specific kitchen models as well as the different finishes, countertops, appliances and accessories within our collections. In turn, your choices can influence the cost of your imported kitchen, which can range anywhere from R300,000 to R3 million for the same size and space.

This overview below should help clarify available options so that you can properly understand the financial preparation required, and plan your investment level for this part of the home. The Eurocasa team is committed to finding the best possible solution based on your requirements for fulfilling your dream for your ideal Italian kitchen.

The below examples are fully functional kitchens, showcasing different materials, finishes and models that we offer at Eurocasa.


The Charme 37 model is characterized by the its composition shaped door with a 37-degree ergonomic corner. Champagne aluminum is featured in the flat groove grip handle detail, the under wall units and creates the frame of the Stopsol glass units. This kitchen shows a combination of Grigio platino matt lacquered doors and plinths on the back runs, and Rosa deco glossy lacquered doors and plinths on the island.

R370 500 excl. Vat (excluding accessories, appliances)


The ERA model features lift-up wall units and base units with Bianco puro matt lacquer doors, plinths and grooves. The Era handle in matt Champagne creates vertical and horizontal luminous lines along the groove grip. The island, in Castoro Fenix laminate, is distinguished by the Horizon X sliding top equipped to increase the work surface or become a countertop for island seating. The Horizon X combines visual appeal and practicality, concealing a flush induction hob.

R384 800 excl. Vat (excluding accessories, appliances)


The Catania model features doors in Grigio Seta matt lacquer, flat groove opening and plinth in the same finish. The tilt-up wall units and open box system is also in Grigio Seta matt lacquer finish. This model is simplistic in colour and texture but playful and intriguing in scale and composition.

R418 308 excl. Vat (excluding accessories, appliances)


The Romantica model is a classic and timeless kitchen. Featured here are base and tall units with framed Biancospino matt lacquered doors and Grigio Fango P.E.T matt base unit doors and extractor hood. The framed doors, brown Duke handles, and Biancospino matt lacquered cornice and decorative plinths create the classic style of the model. These elements are complemented by the open end units on the back run and island which offer a great decorative and storage solution.

R479 600 excl. Vat (excluding accessories, appliances)


The TK38 model is characterised by its no-handle, stainless steel-framed doors creating a strong geometric design. The thick doors panels open with the integrated groove of the steel frame and features a Bianco Pura matt lacquer inlay. The back run features tall units with an integrated handle, and top boxes in Bianco Puro matt lacquer. This model takes on a more industrial kitchen aesthetic while maintaining a contemporary and timeless look that would elevate any home.

R666 565 excl. Vat (excluding accessories, appliances)


The Londra model depicts luxury with its application of high-end finishes. The double depth island in Satin Steel (top and doors) is mitred on all edges, coupled with the push/pull opening system creates a seamless block and a Smoked Chestnut veneer snack bar allows for island seating. The steel island is paired with a Smoked Chestnut veneer back run featuring a portal sink area cladded in stone. The open shelving in the same veneer finish off-sets the symmetry of the back run balances the overhang of the snack bar.

R1 038 218 excl. Vat (excluding accessories, appliances)