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Swinging into Spring

At the end of July, Eurocasa completed some spectacular kitchen renovations within our Cape Town showroom. We effectively optimised the space to reveal the latest trends in Italian kitchen design showcasing new models, contemporary finishes and of course, some Eurocasa flair.

Our objective for this renovation was to effectively add to our client’s showroom experience as well as showcase the diversity of our Italian kitchen models. Since moving to our current showroom in 2015, different trends have become more prominent – the Eurocasa Cape Town team displays the ability to match new trends in our design and reveal our creativity in these new kitchens.

We included two new kitchen additions to the space and have featured three new models. It’s possible to combine a variety of different models to suit any space – this is why we love kitchen design. Offering numerous opening systems and an abundance of finishes in a variety of colours, materials and textures, Eurocasa brings kitchen ideas to life.

Although our new kitchen models are vastly different – the dramatic Kaleidos & Sand versus the playful Charme 37 – they each boast prestigious Italian quality and first-class finishes. Like all Eurocasa products, these kitchen models can be fully customised to meet your bespoke requirements. Our new Italian kitchens are the epitome of style, completed with a dash of Eurocasa’s finesse.

Kaleidos and Sand

Kaleidos & Sand Model

This imported kitchen is showcased in a dramatic yet sophisticated way. The dark green marble paired with the brass inlays provide a striking effect by emphasising the movement within the marble itself. Every element has been carefully placed to exhibit precise and remarkable details, which in turn work together to create something extraordinary.

Kaleidos (Island) – Finishes:

Door Finishes: Satin Glass – Bianco Satinato on Champagne Aluminium Frame
Countertop Finish: Entzo Dekton – Matt
Groove & Plinth: Champagne Aluminium Finish

Sand (Back Unit) – Finishes:

Door Finishes: Fango Matt Lacquer
Wall Unit Door Finish: Fume Glass On Nero Aluminium
Countertop Cladding: Verde Guatemala Marble Polished
Groove & Plinth: Fango Matt Lacquer
Accessories: Brass Accessories & Additions
Side Unit Finish: Stopsol Glass on Nero Aluminium, Brushed Brass Cladding

Kaleidos and Sand


Charme 37

The Charme 37 plays with different volumes and levels. This kitchen was designed to embody dynamic living by optimising the space and having everything easily accessible. We paired this kitchen with black decor to add to its character and charm. Due to the playful nature of this space, we decided to add in a swing – just for fun!

Charme 37

Charme 37 – Finishes:

Door Finishes: Fenix Grigio Londra, Citta Matt and Gloss Lacquer
Countertop Finish: Excava Caesarstone
Accessories: Champagne Aluminium Finish
Groove & Plinth: Champagne Aluminium Finish
Table & Open Unit: Jungle Natural Nobilitato

Charme 37


Eurocasa brings your kitchen ideas to life. We invite you to come and visit our showroom for some luxury living inspiration and to see the newest additions for yourself. You are also very welcome to email for more information.