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A Piece of Fine Craftsmanship

We take pride in every aspect of our offerings at Eurocasa Cape Town. The most unique aspect of all of our products is the diversity of our finishes, but even more importantly, is the quality and detail of the craftsmanship process.

With over 50 years’ experience, for all of Eurocasa’s Italian partners, there is something special about passing on knowledge from generation to generation. This heritage ensures the utmost best quality in our finish offerings.

Material Research

Eurocasa is characterized by its unique, quality materials, which over the years, has led to a special mix of innovations while still respecting our beloved environment. Atelier is an elite collection of exquisite materials that redefine kitchen design. The combination of industrial design and skilled craftsmanship merge to create custom kitchen compositions with great style and emotional appeal. The cornerstone of the collection is shared equally between the feel of surfaces, the newest functions and the contemplations of the kitchen or living activities.

The exclusivity of a Eurocasa kitchen comes alive through our Atelier Range: the vast collection of materials and finishes are extensive with infinite potential for kitchen customisation. The Atelier range offers our designers a selection of exceptional materials for kitchen finishes – particularly focusing on doors and worktops, with exclusive, ‘tailor-made’ production. These kitchens are built by craftsmen with immense reliability, technical applications and level of industrialisation that only a great manufacturer with vast experience can offer.

Inherited Craftsmanship

An exclusive quality to Eurocasa’s Italian kitchen range is the elegance of the product we have to offer our clients. The Eurocasa criteria for handcrafted joinery draws directly from the best of Italian ‘knowhow tradition’. These long-standing practices are based on material quality and a historical culture where competence and detail distinguish every single piece. This is how we achieve an unmatched resign and high standard of excellence.

At Eurocasa we cherish our offering of unique finishes and we pride ourselves on the craftmanship that goes into creating each piece of our joinery


Find out more about our finishes or visit our showroom to view our unique offering for yourself. You are also welcome to email for more information.