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The Only Constant is Change

Our continuous collaboration with Italian designers remains an integral part of Eurocasa’s philosophy – to exceed the standard of modern living. This year has been a year full of change for Eurocasa Cape Town, much like the rest of the business world, but we are committed to continue on our path of growth.

In a year like 2020, we were forced to reinvent a vast majority of our dealings. Whether it was in our personal or professional lives, the world was pushed into completely new and unknown territory. Emphasis was placed on our ability to adapt and evolve with the times, highlighting the advantage of having a stable business foundation.

Eurocasa Cape Town is a proud member of The Excellence Group, a company committed to making lives exceptional. All five of The Excellence Group companies (Valcucine, Infin8 Surfacing, Craft Furniture, Spotlight Joinery and ourselves) are aligned through our 5 Pillars of Excellence. These include our client experience, our processes, financial stability, product quality and being an employer of choice. With a solid foundation and this fundamental focus over the past few years, we had our feet firmly on the ground.

Portland Atelier

With that being said, we were still shaken. We delved deep into who Eurocasa is a brand, what makes us unique and how we differentiate ourselves within the industry. Our most exclusive range of finishes – the Atelier range – focuses on our wood veneers, marbles and metal finishes beautifully. Made from the highest quality materials, along with the finest craftsmanship in Italy, the Atelier range has become a popular choice for our sophisticated clientele. We realised that together with our world-class finishes and having the ability to completely customise our models to create a ‘one-of-a-kind’ design for our clients is what makes Eurocasa truly unique.

Portland Atelier

Probably the single biggest societal hurdle was the trade-off between safety and economy in a world dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic. It presented many challenges and forced us to think outside of the box. We are fortunate enough to have access to high quality technology and used this to our benefit – enabling us to maintain constant relationships with our clients, suppliers and fellow employees.

For the first time ever, we hosted our presentation proposals digitally. This proved to be highly productive – shifting the preconceived idea of how meetings take place. Since then, we have had more and more digital presentations, with our reach stretching across the African continent. Lockdown opened up this channel of communication, without which we would not have been pushed to do. It has proven a to be a great success for our business and this is a process we intend to better and grow while adapting to a new age.

We had time to focus on our marketing strategy, and with that, developed and redesigned a brand-new website. This, along with other digital approaches, gave us the opportunity to showcase our unique brand and personality in a fresh and modern sense, which has proven to be highly successful.

Although 2020 was an extremely difficult time for all of us, Eurocasa Cape Town is in an exciting position, ready to tackle 2021. We would like to thank our clients, our suppliers and wonderful team for getting us through this strange year – we look forward to what lies ahead!

Offering a turnkey solution, Eurocasa Cape Town can bring your home ideas to life. Please email for more information on our offerings.