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A New Year, A New Kitchen

With the introduction of new Italian kitchens, new people and new spaces – 2021 seems to be the beginning of something exceptional for Eurocasa Cape Town.

Firstly, it is with great excitement that we welcome a new Managing Director – Tamara Karsten. Tamara started working at our partner company (Spotlight Joinery) in 2013 and has been involved in the local joinery industry for 11 years. Her position as Client Experience Director at Spotlight Joinery holds her in good stead for her leadership role. And while Italian joinery may be a new endeavour for her, we are excited to see Eurocasa Cape Town move to new heights with this strong team.

We asked our new Managing Director to talk a little bit about her favourite Italian kitchen and wardrobe offered by Eurocasa Cape Town.

HD23 Kitchen

“This model is simple but elegant – each component feels like a unique piece of art. I personally love natural materials and this range combines both timbers and stones in a modern and sophisticated fashion. It is the epitome of understated beauty.”

Pratico Wardrobe


“This wardrobe evokes emotions of luxury and intimacy, which is what this type of space is all about. I love that you can achieve the ambience with textured finishes and lighting while still having a practical solution for accessories such as jewellery, watches, belts etc. I am a highly organised individual and therefore will always lean towards a solution that caters for both mood and function.”

We are delighted to announce a new kitchen model introduced by one of our Italian partners, Rossana. The model is called “ISØLA” and Carlo Colombo (the designer) affirms that this project represents the synthesis between function and aesthetics.

Rossana ISØLA

The materials and styles were shaped through an evolutionary process to serve the dynamic language used in a luxury kitchen. Architecture was the inspiration when designing the ISØLA model – bestowing well-defined shapes and strong lines. The island is designed with horizontal and vertical features, which effectively transform it into a piece of art in kitchen design. The natural materials and the metal parts are treated in a way that fully brings such materials to life and completes the composition.

Rossana ISØLA

Eurocasa Cape Town partners with these leading Italian brands to supply Italian kitchens, wardrobes and living spaces with outstanding design standards, technology, and quality. Our strength is not limited to just responding to market demands but undertaking independent research and design, and in so doing, staying ahead of time.

Our Italian kitchens and wardrobes are designed and built with meticulous attention to detail, to suit our sophisticated clients who appreciate the custom-made quality of each design. Eurocasa Cape Town provides the homeowner with the freedom to create a space of memories and stories that are just as individual as they are.

Eurocasa brings your Italian kitchen and wardrobe ideas to life. We invite you to visit our showroom for some luxury living inspiration for yourself. You are also welcome to email for more information.