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Eurocasa Cape Town – Alive with Flair

Flair Definition /flɛː/


a skill or instinctive ability to appreciate or make good use of something resulting in stylishness or orginality


glamour, elegance, chic, panache, pizzazz, taste, splash

Eurocasa Cape Town is partnered with Italian brands to supply European flair and unrivalled craftsmanship to your home. We provide creative solutions for kitchens, wardrobes and living spaces to the high-end residential market in Cape Town, surrounds as well as into Africa. Eurocasa Cape Town provides a turnkey solution for clients who appreciate unmatched refined craftsmanship, superior product quality, unique and current design concepts and for those who strive to not only be alive, but with be alive with flair!

At Eurocasa Cape Town we strive to integrate flair into every aspect our business. So, what is this flair we keep referring to? Our chic and creative Eurocasa Cape Town team, our glamourous 300m² joinery showroom and our design presentations are laced with elegance and panache and all intentionally developed to integrate flair. Our core focus is to deliver excellence in all that we do when creating your dream Italian kitchen, wardrobe and living space.

The exuberance of Italy itself defines flair better than any dictionary every could. Their fashion, their cars, their architecture, their food – Italians know how to live! Eurocasa Cape Town supply luxury kitchens that place importance of art, design and food which in turn, can be shared with treasured friends and family.

Our designer wardrobes speak to our clients seeking indulgence in their bedroom design. Our wardrobes have accessories for every watch, cufflink set and jewellery collection and our warm timber finishes, soft fabric lined drawers and illuminated glass displays play into the desire for luxury in intimate spaces.


Our Italian kitchens are designed for those who enjoy the finer things in life. The DC10 model by Rossana is distinguished by its extraordinary countertop, consisting of solid blocks of stone and metal bordering an expansive area which includes the large stone basin. Cooking areas, downdraft hoods and clear areas to hold cutting boards or wooden containers complete the thick countertop.


Three different materials come together in DC10 Italian kitchen: stone, metal and wood. The brushed and burnished brass or brushed satin gold is used for the door panels, grooves and rounded blocks at the edges of the countertop. The stone is used for the countertops and the special, extra-large shallow basin. The wood is for the cutting boards, containers, shelves, casework and drawer fronts.

In 2018, Eurocasa Cape Town designed and installed a DC10 Italian kitchen for a project in Camps Bay. The client used burnished brass for the imported kitchen island. This was complimented with matt fumo back run and glass wall units. The worktops were Dekton “Kelya” with a dark eucalyptus wood breakfast bar. This imported kitchen was successfully paired with a newform brushed brass tap and Miele appliances as accessories. Through the combination of materials and glamorous accessories, this Eurocasa Cape Town kitchen was the epitome of flair.

Alive with Flair is more than a ‘tagline’ – it runs deep into who Eurocasa Cape Town is, what we create and how we operate. Flair is a commitment to our partners, our products and our people. Flair is the indulgence of excitement and pleasure.

We invite you to visit our showroom for some luxury living inspiration and to see flair in action. You are also very welcome to email for more information on our Italian offering.