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How to design the perfect kitchen

Designing your dream kitchen can be stressful when you’re not sure about the different points that you need to consider. Here’s a list of the different kinds of kitchen layouts to make it easier to understand.

Designing your dream kitchen can be stressful when you’re not sure about the different points that you need to consider. The layout of your kitchen is dependent on the space that you’re working with and has a major impact on how your kitchen will look and work as a functional space. We have created a list of the five classic kitchen layouts and the advantages and disadvantages of each to make it easier when you’re chatting with your designer or contractor.


Five Classic Kitchen Layouts


The L-Shaped Kitchen

The L-shaped kitchen is one of the most common kitchen layouts that you’ll find. It consists of two walls that meet in a corner that hold countertop space and cabinetry. The advantages of this space are that it creates the perfect use of the kitchen triangle, meaning that there is a great working relationship between the main appliances such as your oven, sink and fridge. Another advantage is that this layout is great for adding additional workspace in the form of an island or including a table and seating area if you’re short on space elsewhere in the home. The only downside to an L-shaped kitchen is that the corner where the two walls meet can become a tricky space to use as cabinetry in this blind corner. However, we do offer special shelving, called Le Mans shelving which is a fantastic solution to make this a much more usable space.


The Double L-Shaped Kitchen

This kitchen layout is the evolved big sister of the previous kitchen. The double L-shaped kitchen is a fantastic choice if there is more than one cook in the kitchen. The second additional wall and counter space allow for more workspace and more appliances to create a great working space.


The Galley Style Kitchen

You will normally find this style of kitchen in homes that have limited space such as in apartments or townhouses. This style consists of a kitchen that has walls and counter space on parallel walls, making it feel almost like a passageway between spaces. The advantage of this is that you have counter space on both sides making it incredibly functional and easy to use.


The Single-Wall Kitchen

This style of kitchen consists of one wall that needs to hold workspace and all appliances. This style of kitchen is an effective way to utilise space in small homes or apartments. It also allows foot traffic to flow easily and has a feeling of being incredibly open. One of the biggest advantages of this space is due to all appliances, plumbing and electrical being on a single wall, this kitchen comes in at a lower overall cost than the others.


The U-Shaped Kitchen

Similar to the galley kitchen, this U-shaped kitchen has two parallel walls that hold the appliances and workspaces with the main difference being that the kitchen is closed off at the end to connect the two walls. This is a great kitchen to work in as there is a variety of counter space and appliances. The only downside is that this kitchen doesn’t have more than one access point and can also be difficult to include additional seating or an island.


Now that we’ve narrowed down the most commonly used kitchen layouts, it becomes easier to see where your space can fit in or if you’re building from scratch, which layout best suits your cooking needs. At Eurocasa we have a team of talented kitchen designers to help you with the design choices and we’ll even create a render for you so that you can see what the end result will look like before we install.

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