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How to make a statement with accessory features in your kitchens

Should you create a statement with unique design or choose a kitchen that will be timeless? Why not both? We have outlined a few of our favourite ways to create a statement in your kitchen using accessory features.

The kitchen is undoubtedly one of the most important rooms of the home. It is a fabulous place to express yourself creatively through your culinary abilities. But what if you could express your creativity in the kitchen but in a different way?
We have come up with different ways to add small features into your kitchen that can elevate a plain kitchen into an elegant space with a designer edge.


Top four accessories to add to your kitchen:


1. Tapware

After all the expensive ticket items in the kitchen have been purchased, this element can often become an afterthought. However, it is an incredible opportunity to make this your hero piece if you choose a simple worktop surface and the tapware can become a character defining feature in your kitchen. By adding traditional tapware, you can give your kitchen a more classic feel or spice up a classic kitchen with bold and modern choices. One of our favourite choices are the Newform taps – we even have a few in our showroom!


2. Accents

Add a glimmer of glamour through accent features such as finger grip accents, backsplashes or inlays. Using warm metals can take a clinical kitchen to a warm and interesting space that is understated and has an air of elegance and flair.


3. Lighting

Similar to tapware, these items can be easily swapped out but this small change can make the biggest difference. Lighting isn’t only an important technical aspect of kitchen design but can change the mood of a space and add a little bit of magic.

It can be seen as far more than simple downlights to be added to a space in order to see what you’re doing. Kitchen lighting has the opportunity to be a piece of art as illuminated sculptural pieces that become a talking point. If you’d like to make a statement in your kitchen through your lighting choices, it’s better to make that the main hero and keep the rest of your kitchen design simple and complimentary to the lighting that you’ve chosen. One of our favourite lighting suppliers is Colombini Casa and we have a few of their pieces in our showroom.

How to make a statement with accessory features in your kitchens


4. Décor

Décor is a great way to constantly change any space. Simply swapping out a few pieces can transform a space from being dull to being a well put-together area that is visually intriguing while also creating an emotional connection. Add pieces such as large bowls, your favourite cookbooks or plants to convey your sense of style and character.
To make your kitchen stand out even further, incorporate art pieces such as large scale paintings, photographic prints or sculptural pieces to make a dramatic statement.


How to make a statement with accessory features in your kitchens

All of these elements have the ability to transform a kitchen into a fashionable work space through interchangeable pieces. This will allow you to keep up to date with the latest style trends by simply swapping out these features.

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