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How to Build a Functional Wardrobe

A wardrobe is so much more than simply having a space to store your clothing. Here are some ways to create a space that allows you to experience clothing as a tool of expression.

Your wardrobe should be your playground, your sanctuary and a space to get in touch with who you really are. Our clothing is an expression of who we are and how we want the world to perceive us. This is why we place great importance on the space that we get dressed in every morning- our wardrobe. We like to blur the line between functionality and glamour by offering both but just in case you’re unsure as to what makes a wardrobe functional, here are some tips and tricks that we like to stick to.

How to Create a Functional Wardrobe



Understand your Requirements

By this we really mean that you should know how much you’re needing to display and store in your wardrobe. Have an understanding of how many shoes, dresses, coats and the like as well as how much folded clothing space you will need. This will help with sectioning out your wardrobe.



Create Sections

Sectioning out your wardrobe can create a sense of organization but more importantly, it can assist in the overall functionality of your wardrobe. For instance, if you have plenty of blouses that need to be hung up, we can create two levels of hanging space that you can pull down to reach it. This means that you can optimize the vertical space of the closet without it being a mission to reach a top in the morning.



To Display or not to Display

If you’re serious about fashion or perhaps you’ve inherited a few special items, you should put these out on display! Whether it is your favourite vintage Louis Vuitton or jewellery you picked up at a store in Bali when you were travelling in your twenties, it holds a special place in your heart and this is a space for you! Displaying these items should be to inspire you to express yourself in the best way possible through your clothing choices. Socks, underwear and training sneakers that you’ve been pushing the limits of… those can stay in drawers and a non-descript section of the shoe racks- still accessible but not on display.


Luxury Levels

Luxury doesn’t have to mean a full walk-in wardrobe. You can create a sophisticated wardrobe without needing too much space. Especially with modern apartment living, space is gold so use it wisely! Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal choice- if you would like to utilize as much of the bedroom floor plan as possible, then opting for a built-in sliding system could be your best choice! However, if you want to be able to walk into your dressing space and have the space to create this area, then we would suggest choosing a walk-in wardrobe.

Creating luxury wardrobe spaces is so much more than simply having a place to store your clothing. We enjoy creating an experience for our clients by designing a wardrobe that has flair and the opportunity to express yourself to the world having the best foot forward.

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