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The Designers Behind Our Luxury Kitchens

We are proud of our Italian heritage- read on to discover the talented designers behind some of our beloved kitchens.

While we are in the middle of preparing for an exciting venture into a new showroom space, we have become somewhat nostalgic of the kitchens that have come and gone through our Kloof Street doors. We’d like to take this moment to appreciate some of our favourite pieces that we have had the pleasure of featuring in our Cape Town showroom and the designers who are behind these marvelous creations.

Massimo Castagna

The designer of most of our Rossana kitchens is Massimo Castagna. Born on 13 November 1957, Massimo graduated from Milan Politecnico with a degree in architecture in 1984. He offers a unique perspective on the fundamentals of the basic contemporary kitchen by creating innovative projects that are dynamic and enriched with new elements and materials. Massimo’s designs have proposed new meanings and functions to basic components, while offering a high level of customisation. Here are two of the kitchens he designed that are in our current showroom.


Rossana HD23

Massimo evolves the idea of the basic model of a contemporary kitchen through this innovative design. Instead of the kitchen being defined by door panels, this composition boasts large-capacity base units on low plinths with a wide range of panel options and personalisation.

Rossana HT50

The HT50 is a modern take on the portal kitchen concept. This results in a purity of minimalism and elegant styling through the use of a state-of-the-art servo assisted door technology. The kitchen is elevated through the use of the highest quality materials to create an extraordinary end result.


Alfredo Zengiaro

Born in Vicenza in 1957, Alfredo Zengiaro graduated from Venice with a degree in architecture in 1984. Following his studies, he went on to practice as the Head of Research and Development for well-known kitchen brands all over the world. His unique approach to design proposes a design method that limits the impact of household appliances to create minimalistic and functional kitchen designs.

Febal SAND

This elegant kitchen celebrates simple beauty through its unadulterated design, clean lines and neutral colours to create a well-defined and timeless space. The flat, square doors have a finger-groove opening system that allows for the absence of handles, accentuating the flowing lines of the surfaces to create a practical yet aesthetically pleasing composition.

Febal CHARME 37

The CHARME 37, celebrates the linear movements of modern kitchen design through its characteristic overhead shaped door and the inclusion of an ergonomic incline of 37° which coincides with the handle design. The intelligent handle creates a distinct handle-free opening allowing for compositional continuity to the model emphasised through discreet wall units that hide the easy functionality of internal accessories.

We are proud to bring these ingenious Italian kitchen designs to the South African market. If you would like to take a look at these models, be sure to visit our Cape Town showroom on 10 Kloof Street before we move into our new space.

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