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The ISØLA: A Timeless Reinterpretation

The iconic Rossana kitchen has been refreshed by the hand of architect, Carlo Colombo. The result is a composition that is transformative to the living spaces and becomes a functional art piece- perfect for a luxurious lifestyle.

The ISØLA Kitchen: A Timeless Reinterpretation

The historically significant Rossana ISØLA kitchen has been reinterpreted for the first time in sixty years. When the kitchen initially launched, it took the market by storm with its revolutionary elements and rigid design. The architectural influence is significantly evident through the use of clean lines and empty spaces and the recent adaptation has emphasised these elements with a fresh and modern approach.

The custom kitchen design initially appears as a singular block to act as more than a single furniture fixture. The almost monolithic composition has been designed by architect Carlo Colombo. The analytical focus of the Italian design exudes the shapes, details and materials to create an intersection of rooms in a completed home design.

The ISØLA Kitchen: A Timeless Reinterpretation

It’s ability to be placed into any open space is successful through its interactive capacity. Any open space is perfect to place this almost artistic feature through the opportunity to blend seamlessly with any furnishing schemes running through the rest of the home.

One of the main features of this project was to find a coherent aesthetic that is functional. The result is a play on volume through full and empty spaces- creating a balanced design with a series of working areas assorted with a myriad of unusual and unexpected aspects. At the heart of the composition are the materials that have been used. The marble combination against solid wood and steel creates an authenticity to the composition and a celebration of natural materials.

The ISØLA Kitchen: A Timeless Reinterpretation

One of the most prominent materials evident in the ISØLA is the use of steel. The composition makes use of Barazza appliances and accessories. They have been leaders in supplying stainless steel elements to the Italian design market for over fifty years. Drawing inspiration from their natural environment and the beauty of the Italian landscapes, their pieces breathe fresh, artistic life into the ISØLA.

The combination of the various materials assisted with the sharp and architectural lines completes the ISØLA in a beautiful and sophisticated artistic addition to the home. The ISØLA is able to independently stand as a structural and functional art piece that disseminates luxury Italian living in the home.

The ISØLA Kitchen: A Timeless Reinterpretation


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