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A Wardrobe Selection

Take a walkthrough of the wardrobes we are building in our new showroom! 

Our new showroom is under construction and we are incredibly excited to show you our new space. While we are very busy hammering away to get everything installed, we are delighted to give you a sneak peek into what to expect in our new showroom. 


Our In-Store Wardrobe Collection:


If you’re not completely sold on having a fully open wardrobe, this may be the wardrobe for you. This wardrobe by Febal features both open and closed sections which is perfect for displaying some of your favourite items while keeping the messy parts of your wardrobe more discreetly tucked away. The composition that will be in our new showroom collection features a Eucalyptus finish, LED lighting and beautiful fume glass doors set into an aluminium frame that all comes together to serve a luxuriously moody wardrobe. 


Sliding wardrobe

This wardrobe is a wonderful solution if you have limited space to work with for your closet area. The beautiful Stopsol sliding doors feature a soft close mechanism and are perfect for utilising space efficiently and the reflective nature of the door creates the illusion of a more expansive space. The interior of the wardrobe features a linen look carcass in combination with leather-look drawer fronts. The combination of textures is rich in its detail and stylistically intriguing. 


Febal Barret wardrobe

The lacquered doors and custom timber handles are a superb choice for a minimalist closet design, especially if you would like to save space. The composition that will be available to view in our new showroom collection features warm linen and leather-look interior carcass and drawer fronts with sensor-based LED lighting. This opulent choice is competitive with other options available in the local market but has the added benefit of Italian flair. 


Febal Columbia Wardrobe

We’ve noticed that the South African market loves a reverse-finger grip detail in their wardrobe joinery and this composition is a wonderful representation of Italian craftsmanship meeting local design trends. Our showroom wardrobe features a reverse-finger grip handle and timber detailing with a linen carcass backing. Inside the wardrobe itself, you can find partitions that cleverly divide the space effectively to save space, an inclined shoe rack, accessory trays and LED lighting.


This wardrobe is brought to you by Tomasella and is the epitome of minimalist Italian design. The composition of this space is made to be completely open. There are no internal partitions, rather sections are created through aluminium rails and drawers. The Zanette Practico is a celebration of modularity and has a fantastic opportunity for customisation as it affords the creation of various shapes. 


Gola wardrobe

Mirrors are a great addition to a wardrobe area, how else are you going to make sure that your outfit is perfect? This wardrobe by Tomasella is a celebration of reflection through the use of mirrored sliding doors, bronze glass and tremacotta textured finish. This wardrobe is unique in that it utilises vertical, recessed LED lighting that illuminates the entire interior of the space. Additionally, the Gola Wardrobe comes with a groove handle that creates the sensation of a completely handleless wardrobe. 

We are thrilled to bring this new wardrobe collection to the South African market in our new showroom. Our new showroom is located at 117 Strand Street in Cape Town. If you would like to find out more about any of the wardrobes mentioned above, give us a call on 021 421 8161 or email us at

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